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Everything has got a story, this is our story

Sankalpa सङ्कल्प is a Sanskrit term which can be interpreted as intention, determination or will.
Sankalpa is the practice and discipline of determined resolve. It is the divine energy of our thoughts, words and actions meeting to create aligned desire and manifest mindful intention.

You plant your Sankalpa with love as a seed in your heart and mind. You nourish it with determination and devotion. You surrender to the flow of the universe and your Sankalpa will manifest like a blossoming, bountiful flower.

SankalpaSicily is the beginning of a project, a project that starts with us, Francesca and Sara.

Ashtanga Yoga is our passion and our union. Yoga brought us together in an Ashtanga retreat in Sicily, after that by chance we met again in Ko Phangan, Thailand to discover that we were headed in the same direction, to Rishikesh in India. In India a seed was planted, an idea was born.

Built on awareness, simplicity, lightness and evolution, through practice, patience and understanding. Our Sankalpa has become more tangible, as has our desire to transmit and share this to others.

SankalpaSicily is a project in evolving motion in Sicily. More than anything it is a project for life, supporting life.
Sankalpasicily’s journey starts on the island of Sicily. Island of crossroads in the heart of the Mediterranean.
One love for an island, and the yoga practice has taken us to trust the process.

To Be Continued.