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Sankalpasicily is very excited to host for the first time in Sicily the first ” Traveling Teacher ” of Ashtanga Yoga!!!!

Danny has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 1976 and teaching in 41 countries since 1979. He initially studied with David Williams and Nancy Gilgoff, the first Western teachers and adepts of Ashtanga Yoga. In 1978 and 1980 he also studied with the Indian teacher Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. He was an early advanced practitioner and pioneer who played a seminal role introducing people around the world in public classes to the Ashtanga Yoga form.
Danny also has taught some of the world‘s most renowned and talented musicians, actors, sports champions, artists, designers, film directors and dancers.
Danny teaches the Ashtanga Yoga sequences with emphasis on an expanding, evolving practice as well as showing derivative poses, modifications and variations. He strives to create independence from teachers and systems.
Danny draws from the teachings of Krishnamurti, Buddhism, ancient Egypt, contemporary teachers such as Carolyne Myss and Marianne Williamson, as well as many shamanic nature based indigenous native cultures including Mayan, Hawaiian and Native Americans.
He communicates the teachings of ancient traditions in a non-dogmatic, contemporary, compassionate, humorous way. He passes on how to experience and create a meditative, therapeutic and ritualistic Yoga practice.
Danny recognizes Yoga as an ancient Shamanic practice and relates Yoga to all Shamanic, nature based, indigenous explorations from North and South America, Polynesia, Tibet, Africa and Asia. The Yogis and Shamans were the early pioneers of consciousness, healing knowledge, and communication with the spirit realms. The basic premise of Shamanism is that nature is our spiritual guide and teacher. Danny’s main objective is guiding people to evolutionary consciousness as well as to help people develop a healing, sacred, personal, meditative, joyful, non-dogmatic Yoga practice.
Yoga is designed to create well-being, help people fulfill personal destiny and learn to age with vitality, energy and grace. Danny teaches Yoga as a means of creating personal authority, personal responsibility leading to universal responsibility.
Danny also has studied Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Karate. Danny is a musician, singer, songwriter, performance artist, Human Rights Activist, film maker and film producer.
Some more well known people Danny has introduced the practices of Ashtanga Yoga include: The Mime – Marcel Marceau, Graham Nash, Sting, Trudie Styler (Film Producer/Director, Rainforest Foundation Founder with Sting), Madonna, Paul Simon, Edie Brickell, Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament (of Pearl Jam), Bob Weir and Mickey Hart (of the Grateful Dead), Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam), Donna Karan (Founder of DKNY), Lyle Lovett, Luciano Pavarotti, Mira Nair (Film Director), Chris Botti (Jazz Trumpet), Dominic Miller (Sting’s longtime guitarist and band member), Andrea Griminelli (classical flutist), John McEnroe (World Tennis Champion) Patti Smyth, (Rock and Roll singer) and many others.
Danny teaches all the Ashtanga Sequences with emphasis on an expanding evolving practice. He shows derivative poses, modifications and variations, Egyptian Root Yoga positions, elect s of a Tai. Hi and Kung Fu within the structure of all the sequences of Ashtanga Yoga.

Classes include Pranayama, Asana, and open discussions on topics such as:
1/Shamanic and Historical Roots of Yoga and the connection to other ancient cultures: Egyptian, Mayan, North and South American Native, Chinese, Polynesian
2/Healing Processes of Ashtanga Yoga, and other healing traditions.
3/Relationship of Yoga to Sacred Indigenous Spiritual traditions worldwide,
4/Spiritual Intelligence and Evolution.
5/Responsibility, Personal Authority, The Sacred, Fulfilling Personal Destiny and Yoga
6/Food, Diet and the dangers of the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Genetically Modified Food Industries. Activism
7/Medical Intuition: Understanding the processes that create disease and healing and the relationship to Chakras and glandular systems.
8/Yogic and Shamanic perspectives on Aging and Death.

CLASSES: Classes are usually 3.5-4 hours+
Yoga and Shamanism: Journey of the Soul, Connections of Yoga to Sacred Indigenous Spiritual Traditions, Fulfilling Personal Destiny, Your Dream As Your Masterpiece, Healing Perspectives of Yoga,Shamanism, and Indigenous Traditions Worldwide, Personal Authority, Personal Responsibility,
Freedom, Developing a Lifetime Sacred, Healing Practice
Daily Practice: Ashtanga Yoga Pranayama, Expanded Standing sequence with derivative routines, Egyptian Elements, Taoist Positions, modifications, variations, Introduction to Primary Series and 2nd series with derivative explorations, variations, modifications… for all levels of practitioners of all forms of Yoga. Expanded finishing sequence
Chakras: Balancing Life Force, Yoga, Shamanism and Aging, Approaching Transition with Vitality, Clarity and Peace :
Daily Practice:Ashtanga Yoga Pranayama. Ritualistic, Meditative and Therapeutic exploration of Asanas, Martial Arts Positions, Egyptian Yoga with Ashtanga Yoga for all levels. Expanded standing sequence, 2nd series and beyond, derivative routines.