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“Ayurveda is the science and yoga is the practice of the science.”

A rare and unique opportunity to understand, heal and balance our body and mind through the ancient science of Ayurveda, thanks to the experts Doctor Sebastiano Lisciani and Naturopath Martina Gaber.

Program for the week:

On the first day –registration of the participants to the retreat ; and individual check up with Dr. Sebastiano Lisciani and Naturopath Martina Garber , consisting in Pulse reading and Belly and Back Inspection and consequent prescription of :

1.Ayurvedic herbal remedies ( 1 Month supply included ).
1.Dietary advice , according to personal Ayurvedic constitu ( Dosha ).
2.Ayurvedic treatments for the next 6 days , to choose between :

Abhyanga ( ayurvedic massage with warm medicated oils).

Alkaline foot bath .

Siddha paste application on body ( a special mix of herbs and medicated oils paste ).

(static application of warm ayurvedic medicated oils in different parts of the body ).

Svedana ( Ayurvedic steam bath ).

Pindasweda ( treatment with hot little cotton bags filled with medicinal herbs ).

Siddha marma chikitsa ( Ayurvedic chiropratic adjustment ).
The individual daily treatment schedule will be decided by the medical staff , according to individual Ayurvedic constitution
(Dosha ) and level of toxins ( Ama ) of the participants to the retreat .

We strongly suggest you reduce sweets, gluten and dairy consumption during the two weeks prior to the retreat .

Every day will be held group meetings between participants and Martina Garber and Sebastiano Lisciani during which will be explained the basic principles of Ayurvedic Medicine and will be given advice on proper diet and lifestyle. Participants can ask questions about topics that interest them.

On the last day a final individual checkup with Dr Sebastiano Lisciani and Naturopath Martina Garber

. Daily yoga practice, meditation and pranayama
. Ayurvedic, healing food
. Free time and guided tour to enjoy the beauty of Sicily!


SankalpaSicily is strategically placed in the heart of the southern province of Ragusa. Pastures, fields, and walking paths surround the property. Fresh air and tranquility are in abundance.

In close proximity (8km) you will find Marina di Ragusa, a beach town with shops, restaurants, beach lidos and long sandy stretches of golden sand washed by the waves from the Mediterranean Sea.

If you are looking for a more chilled beach experience Cava Randello is for you, with its untouched quiet beaches tainted by the Mediterranean green scrubland and its crystal clear waters.

Costa del Carro is ideal for snorkeling and swimming.